Buying a home in Minneapolis, St Paul with your dog in mind

Whether you already have a dog or are certain that you want to get a dog once you buy your home there are a few things to be mindful of as you shop for your next home. As a Realtor who is also a dog owner and dog lover I have everybody’s, yours, your dogs and future dogs’ best interest in mind.

Hi I’m Angie Groettum, Twin Cities running Realtor

I love my dog Mollie so much that I actually bought my home just for her. That might seem a little extreme since I really liked my last home, but I felt Mollie deserved more.  Mollie is a rescue dog who had a few struggles early in her life at various homes so it is and was very important to me that she knows that she is safe, loved and her space is respected.

In knowing Mollies habits / routines, needs and what she enjoys in her life I set out to find the perfect home for us. By knowing what Mollie and I needed in a home it was very easy to know if one home over another would fit best for us. The thing about buying a home in Minneapolis and St Paul is they are very pet friendly cities so it became a matter of which home and lot fit our needs best. I suspect that a few of the things that were important to us will be important to you and your dog.

Please note that this list is not necessarily in any particular order of importance.

A yard or outdoor space where she could use her gift of scent and exploration and allow her a little privacy and private time

An exit on each level for “emergencies”, I think you know what I mean by that. If you don’t yet, you will once you have a dog.

Community – by that, are their other dogs in the neighborhood (similar if you have children), are the streets quiet and safe to walk on or are there sidewalks or trails for walking your dog.

Proximity to dog parks and pet services and possibly even pet friendly restaurants and shops

Carpet or Hard surfaced flooring – keep in mind that you can change this once you buy the home

If you are considering buying a condo or townhome – are there size, breed or other pet restrictions?

Another thing to consider if your dog is a swimmer, where are the closest lakes? If you happen to be considering real estate with water access, how will you keep your dog safe from the unexpected duck chase right into the water which as we know in Minnesota can at various times throughout the year be mucky or icy?

Our pets are family, why wouldn’t we include their needs when buying a home? I realize that this post was written with the dog owner in mind, but I appreciate that cats are family too.

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“See you round the neighborhood”