Buying a home with Angie Groettum Real Estate in Minneapolis, St. Paul

Buying a home, whether your 1st or 10th is a serious purchase and a major life decision and I’m in your corner the whole way through.

Hi, I’m Angie Groettum, The Twin Cities Running Realtor

Here’s what you can expect when you and I are working together to find you your Minnesota dream home:

The first thing is The CONNECTION:

I want to know you; I want to know the rhythm of your life. What is important to you, and what would you like your home lifestyle to look like? What are your interests, community values, and future goals?

I also want you to know as much of about me as you need to know to earn your trust and develop a true partnership.

Once we know we have a connection, the next thing we do is create a Plan of Action:

In our initial meeting I discover what is important to you in a home, neighborhood and community and after asking questions and listening to your desires and must haves, I create a plan of action to your get your goal met.

Our action plan will consist of where we’re going to look, how we’re going to look and what we are going to look at. Each plan is created with a deliberate and thoughtful approach to your needs, goals and budget.

Next the fun begins! We go Shopping:

At each property we look at I am fully engaged in your interaction with the home. I am sensitive to your energy and expressions with the home and taking complete notes of what you like and dislike about each property.

I also understand that the more properties we see the more your wishes and “must haves” will evolve.

I will also be doing an initial inspection of the home, how does the integrity of the property look and are there any red flags.

As we shop things will come up and you will have questions. You have all of my attention at all times while were together. If you have questions or need to stop and talk about anything we will, we can stop have lunch, coffee, dinner, whatever you need. I am here for you, your goal is my goal and I do not stop until that goal has been attained.

We find “the ONE”

I will evaluate the market and find right place to start our negotiations. We will sit down or stand up where ever we need to. I am not above writing out a Purchase Agreement on the hood of my car at SA if need be, I have done it. I will go over the offer with you line by line so you know exactly what you are signing and what it means. I empower you with all you want to know and then some.

I then present your offer. We may go back and forth a little bit with negotiating but I promise you will know your rights as a buyer the whole time and feel confident knowing you are being represented by someone who has YOUR best interest at heart. It’s not about the sale to me. It’s about you and your new home.

Once we have come to an agreement we have a deal!

Next we submit the package to your lender. If necessary, we will get an inspection so you know exactly what you are buying. Even though I’m not directly involved in the lending process, I am still there for you during this time making sure everything goes as we discussed and there are no surprises as you sign what seems like endless documents and leaving with the keys to the next stage of your life.

WE did it! You bought your new home! Together we went through the entire process, making sure you are happy and got the home you wanted and I am truly excited for you and so thankful I got to be a part of this journey with you! Congratulations!!!

To see all my current listings in the Minneapolis St Paul area, or to get a Free Custom MLS Report, please click on my website there are two pages to help you, NEW HOMES & JUST FOR YOU. You can also call my office at 952-844-1545, on my cell phone you may call or text me at 612-600-9540.

“See you round the neighborhood”