First Time Homebuyers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN, Twin Cities Area

WOW super exciting, you are buying your first home!

Hi, I’m Angie Groettum, The Twin Cities Running Realtor®. Buying a home is a serious purchase and a major life decision and I’m in your corner the whole way through.

Let me tell you, the very best thing you can do when buying your first house is to get an agent you can really count on and one who is willing to educate you on the process.

This is a very empowering process and with the right agent you will feel at ease, knowledgeable and a lot less anxious about the whole thing. When I work with first time home buyers, I encourage them to ask as many questions as they can think of and I throw a few of my own in there that they hadn’t thought of. I understand that this is your biggest investment of your life so far and it’s important to you, so it’s important to me.

First Time Homebuyers’ Home Loan

How much home can you afford? You know that answer better than anyone. My advice is to get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage so you know exactly what your financial parameters are walking in the door, plus this can help avoid any surprises or disappointments. Money plays a big role in your first home. From how much you have to put down to closing costs, and will the home need immediate repairs. I will help you evaluate your situation and give you options to make buying a home a reality. I have extensive knowledge in finance, negotiations, costs of repairs and overall problem solving.

Finding the Right House

As we start shopping for your home, remember I have access to every single home on the market in the state of Minnesota. You will learn very quick what type of home feels right for you. You will also learn quickly that not every neighborhood is equal. What you can buy in one neighborhood versus another neighborhood can vary greatly.

As your partner on this journey, to serve you the best I will be very honest and realistic, and probably a little blunt sometimes, you see, sometimes as hard as you and I work to get you the perfect first home, there may come a point where you have to make a trade. For instance, we found you the absolute perfect neighborhood but the house doesn’t have the granite countertops or stainless steel appliances you were really hoping for, that’s ok, keep in mind that these things can come in time. You can’t change location, but you can change aesthetics as you put your first home together… and that’s the fun, right?!

As we enter into making an offer, not to worry, I will help you figure out a fair asking price for the home. I have your back and negotiate hard to get you the very lowest price possible. And I will help you all the way through the paper work, inspection, to getting the keys in your hand. This is an exciting time, and thanks to hard work and never letting you walk alone during this, it remains exciting the whole way through!

To see all my current listings in the Minneapolis St Paul area, or to get a Free Custom MLS Report, please click on my website there are two pages to help you, NEW HOMES & JUST FOR YOU. You can also call my office at 952-844-1545, on my cell phone you may call or text me at 612-600-9540.

“See you round the neighborhood”