House Vs Home

Do you consider your house a home? If the answer is yes then you may be somewhat attached to it.

Hi I’m Angie Groettum, Twin Cities Running Realtor

Home means something different to everyone.  I know that my home isn’t just a house to me, my home is a feeling. A feeling that washes over me the moment I pull into the drive way or walk through the door. I love home.  I know that there will come a day when my lifestyle will change again and I will need to sell my house. It is at that time that I will have to remove my feelings and my home will simply become a house, sometimes that is the only way to mentally and emotionally be able to deal with a future buyer’s feedback and requests.

When a seller puts their home on the market, I suggest that they remove physical personal memories from the home, such as family portraits, knick knacks etc. You want the home to be minimalist in décor. I believe that there is also something that happens in ones psyche during this personal touch removal. You are clearing the space of your emotional ties so that a potential buyer can visualize the space as their own and make room for their projected memories and experiences in the home. You are taking your memories, putting them in a box to take with you to your next home so then that house will  become your home and this home will simply be a house to you and a future home to someone else. Lastly in doing this you are setting the stage to prepare yourself to treat this as a business transaction, I know that may sound harsh but that may quite possibly be the best way to view it when you are ready to sell.  

The first emotionally challenging experience you encounter as a seller is receiving the buyer showing feedback forms, those can be tough because even if the buyer absolutely loves the house, they will find fault with it often in an effort to get the house at a lower price. Try not to take it personally.  They do not know you and are not trying to intentionally hurt your feelings.

The next possible emotional challenge could be the offer. Keep in mind the buyer is trying to get the lowest price possible because, depending on the market, at this point they have nothing to lose.

Now comes the inspection, the buyer may request you to fix or replace things that while you were living in the home were no big deal.  Things such as the window handles broken or the garbage disposal is not working properly or the furnace works, but is simply old. Buyers may and often do request sellers to take care of certain things, some of it is reasonable, some of it absurd. You get to decide what you do and do not do. It is very important not to take this personal. Remember the buyer is simply trying to get the most value they can. As your agent we will talk about it and decide what to do and what not to do together.

Selling a home is very emotional and it is important to have an agent who is sensitive to your feelings and is in your corner to make sure you are as shielded as possible from the stresses of a buyer picking your home a part, when in reality we both know that you have a great home and they are lucky to be buying it.

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