Why does buying a house in Minneapolis & St. Paul feel like a part time job?

So you are looking to buy a new house, Congratulations, that’s very exciting – well at least it should be huh? Ever feel like you are by yourself, having to do everything… does your search feel like a part time job?

Hi, I’m Angie Groettum, The Twin Cities Running Realtor®. Buying a home, whether your 1st or 10this a serious purchase and a major life decision and I’m in your corner the whole way through.

Buying a New House

When you start thinking about buying a house, what is the first thing you do? Go on line, drive around neighborhoods – or call a friend or family member who recently bought a home? Most people jump on the computer and start looking at several websites listing homes, oh and take that list they made while driving around and try and find them online too. Hours and hours go by, It’s easy to get sucked in falling in love with all those beautiful pictures of entry ways, stainless steel kitchens and granite countertops online. You make your list of all the houses you must have, then you call an agent and they have to deliver the news that all the houses you fell in love with online are actually sold or were never really for sale, sad I know.

Buying a home can feel like a part time job, but it shouldn’t with the right partner.

It will take time, but should not be work for you. You need to get a Real Estate Agent to work for you, that’s what we do. The agent must have your best interest in mind and really understand what your goal is. Communication is key. When I meet with my clients I set you up immediately on the actual MLS database, of Minneapolis, St. Paul area homes, with personalized daily searches, so that every day you will receive updates as to what’s new on the market or if you have fallen in love with one and there is a price change you are notified promptly. I enter in the parameters so you are only getting homes that are within your qualifications; such as size, type of home, minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the neighborhood you want to be in, all these parameters can be adjusted as your desires evolve. I arm you with the most updated information available.

Unfortunately other websites are designed not so much for you, the buyer, but for agents to pay to advertise and hope you call one of them so that they can tell you that, “Oh I’m sorry that is not available, but I have a great listing I’d love to show you”.

I want you to want to work with me because you know that I am only interested in getting you into the right home where you can start living your next dream.  There is a lot of work to do when buying a home – and I am out there doing it for you every day. I am out there previewing neighborhoods, learning the beat of communities and scoping out homes that I feel would be a good fit for you. I am not interested in wasting your time. I do everything I can to make this journey as easy and stress-free as possible for you. I’m paying attention at all times to what you like and don’t like and am highly intuitive to your needs in a home and am your guide in this process. Let me do all the heavy lifting and you just sit back and give the thumbs up or down. I got this, relax.

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“See you round the neighborhood”